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Hi, I'm Robin.

I'm a creative soul who loves languages, writing, filmmaking, photography, design, programming, data science, and general tinkering. I crafted each and every pixel of this website to share my passions with you.

book club

The Multilingual Book Club is a project I started to encourage people to the true joy of reading in their target languages, as well as the profound language learning benefits that can come with it.

I also saw this as a wonderful opportunity to foster and leverage the wonderful community that I have been trying build by promoting a supportive and encouraging environment where we are all comfortable sharing both our struggles and our triumphs, celebrating the former together and helping each other through the latter.

The default concept is that we all read together in what ever language(s) we are learning within a nice structure that I create to help us have a better chance of succeeding together. This includes a set time frame, weekly live streams to share our experiences, and using Journaly to write about those experiences as a wonderful way to deepen the learning and community benefits of the book club by also getting feedback on our posts.

The format changes a little bit each time as we continue to experiment and also keep things fun and interesting. Please find the details for the current (or next) round of the book club down below, and if you'd like to then sign up in the cosy form on this page :)

Happy reading! Let's enjoy sharing the experience and succeeding together.

ROUND 04 - Details & Dates:

Click here to sign up!

This round's theme will be Extensive Reading! For full details on what Extensive Reading is, check out this video series I made with Jared Turner of Mandarin Companion last year.

  • Start: Monday, November 29th, 2021
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • End: Sunday, December 19th, 2021
  • WEEKLY Livestreams! 🙌🏼 Every Sunday at 4pm (UK time)
  • Giveaway: Each week, you can win 1 x 6-month Skritter subscription, 3 x Mandarin Companion e-books, and Journaly Premium Memberships! 🎉 To win, simply post on Journaly with the topic tag "multilingual book club 04" each week, or post an Instagram Story or Post, tagging me @_robinmacpherson about your book club participation!
  • I'll be posting about my own experience on Instagram @_robinmacpherson as well as on Journaly!
  • I'll also be sending out a short little motivational email to the mailing list once per week just as a nice little treat to keep us all on track
  • I'll be emailing you a copy of my specially designed activity tracking sheet to print out, and Patreon supporters will also get lots of behind the scenes looks at my book club experience.

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