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Hi, I'm Robin.

I'm a creative soul who loves languages, writing, filmmaking, photography, design, programming, data science, and general tinkering. I crafted each and every pixel of this website to share my passions with you.


I speak nine languages and adore creating all kinds of content about language learning. I create many types of videos over on my YouTube channel ranging from tips, methods & tutorials, musings, interviews, and – my favourite – short documentaries ❤️ I also frequently share thoughtful photos over on Instagram.

I also designed & wrote a book all about How To Maintain Languages. I've started work on a second book that I CAN'T WAIT to finish, taking everything I learned from both writing and designing my first one to make an even more beautiful book packed with tons more content and value.

I love to design & build delightful product experiences along with the unique challenges and nuances that come with each one. I hope you like my little shopwhere I plan to add all kinds of delightful things over time :)

I'm a passionate software engineer and the founder of Journaly, where I have led design and engineering for the past four years, along with my amazing core-team member and friend, Ryan. This foreign-language journaling platform where you can write in your target language(s) and get feedback from native or advanced speakers has already blossomed into a warm and encouraging community that has helped almost 10,000 language learners improve their skills and make meaningful connections with other journalers around the world.

As I continue forward in life, I hope to continue improving my filmmaking skills and working on more short documentaries as well as my first feature-length documentary films, along with continuing to build delightful software, take beautiful photographs, and just continue having the most positive impact I can.

Don't be shy and say hello if you’d like to chat about opportunities :)

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say hello.

I’m very friendly and love to interact with readers, viewers, and fellow makers. Please feel free to send me a note in the form of a paper airplane or, if that’s not feasible, an e-mail works just fine :)

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